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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Help Avoid Bootlegs - Music Edition

Bootlegs are quite the problem, right? Well, if you can just trust the correct places, look up the correct info, and make sure you have enough smarts to think about it, then you can also help yourself.

First of all, here's some real obvious tips:

- If Amazon.com THEMSELVES are not selling the item, then it could be at risk of being a bootleg.
- If the price is overly expensive (ranges from $100 - $450), it can either be considered a cheat, or bootleg.
- The albums sold on the websites will not be in the market.
- If there are albums only sold on cassette or vinyl (take Eminem's Infinite, for example), then bootleg.
- eBay is dangerously close to being the biggest bootleg site of all.

Here's some sites you can trust:

- Playasia.com
- Official Record companies (for example, Nuclear Blast Records Store)
- iTunes
- Amazon.com (As in, the site owners)
- Media Blasters
- Barnes and Noble
- Borders
- Music Forte
- Import CDs
- Moviemars.com
- Amazon MP3s

(Be careful of Ebay, eCrater, Napster, and Gallery of Sound, to name a few)

There are a lot of albums out there that are at risk of being illegal of being bootleg. Here's some examples (not in alphabetical order):

- Infinite (Eminem)
- Anthology (10,000 Maniacs)
- Perfect Investigations (Dire Straits)
- Astrodome (Genesis)
- Heaven on Earth (U2)
- The Radio Tracks -> Gemini Interview EP (Gemini)
- Unplugged (Rolling Stones)
- Down To The Wire (Rolling Stones)
- Straight from The Lair: The 21st Century Collection (Gemini)
- Studio Gems, Vol. 1 (Led Zeppelin)
- Dream's Factory (Pink Floyd)
- MSG October 1999 (Elton John)
- Rainbow Rock (Elton John)
- From The Vault (Rolling Stones)
- Down In The Court (Rolling Stones)
- Badlands (Bruce Springsteen)
- A.B.R. (Primal Fear)
- Time Machine (Tesla)
- Sweet Emotions (Aerosmith)
- Children of Steel (Edguy)
- Evil Minded (Edguy)
- Straight From The Vault (Eminem)
- The Black Album (Prince)
- Europe 1992 (Iron Maiden)
- The Mass Collection: Best of Angels and Demons (Angels and Demons)
- Karma (Prime Sergeant)
- Horrorscope (Primal Fear)
- 2000 Demo (Avenged Sevenfold)
- Computer K.O. (Radiohead)
- Born in the 50's (Police)
- From the Cassette (Angels and Demons)
- Great White Wonder (Bob Dylan)
- Anthology 1, 2, and 3 (The Beatles)
- Past Lives (Black Sabbath)
- If I Only Had (Cerberus)
- The Radio Recordings: Prime Lieutenant on the Radio! (Prime Lieutenant)
- Beat the Boots I and II (Frank Zappa)

If I continued to list every bootleg in the world, though, it would probably cover two complete pages. So I'm going to stop here.

Be smart and DO YOUR INFO. Be warned of eBay and Napster.

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