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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bethesda Softworks - Brink Special Features

Well, our work on Brink and revealing of our work earned Logan Frario an interview, who informed said website about the game itself. Many thanks to TheLP for his awesome interview.

LP: 1. What exactly is the storyline of Brink? What are you progressing through so far, being a fellow storyboard artist?

Logan: It's set in a future city in the sky called The Ark, a little west between San Francisco and San Diego. The people of the city are disappointed with lack of natural supplies, and the people form their own faction, simply known as "The Resistance", who are intertwined in a war with the Ark leaders, or known as "Security", and the Resistance arms themselves to storm the Capitol. You'll play in between the factions, decide which one benefits and which one suffers, like in New Vegas.

LP: 2. Is the game going to be similar to Fallout 3 or New Vegas in any way?

Logan: Theoretically, no. There's the same mechanics in several ways: the character customization system, weapon design, and various elements that seem familiar: like who benefits and who suffers. But, it's not supposed to be Fallout. It's supposed to be something different: if they just kept giving us the same mechanics outside of the series, fans are eventually going to get bored.

TheLP: 3. What's included in Brink?

There's going to be the 16-player multiplayer, both competitive, against bots, and cooperative modes. It's a completely free game as well: there's a lot of distances to travel, running around with your rifle is supposed to have a sense of freedom, in the SMART system, which stands for Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain, and you can still gain XP, and this can be used to upgrade weapons or further customize your character.

There's different classes throughout the game, like the Medic class, which can increase health and help revive incapacitated players,  the soldier class, who uses explosives and resupplies magazines. Engineers place turrets for a brief time and can help repair weapons from their standard condition, and the Operative class is kind of an all-around: the player can disguise him / herself in the enemies' armor and is able to gain intel by interrogation, my personal favorite.

TheLP: 4. Sounds great, who's all involved in the project?

So far everybody. We're working on this like we worked on Fallout 3 four-five years ago: with a goal to achieve, ambitions to set, and expectations to be met. Bethesda is a terrific studio. We've been sending in character models, scripts, animations, art, cooperative designs, and a lot of other design options for the game. Splash Damage is also a great studio, they can certainly multi-task.

TheLP: 5. What systems will it be released on, and when?

Around mid-2011 on the 360, playstation 3, and PC. It's going to be released in May 10th in the Americas, and the 13th for Europe and Oceania. It'll be rated 16 outside of the Americas, but in the Americas, the ESRB will be T.

TheLP: 6. One last question: what will the engine be?

The updated id Tech, which was used in other games like Quake 4 and Doom. So expect a lot from the game, and thanks for having me.

Thanks to TheLP for posting this today.

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