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Saturday, April 2, 2011

I interview Stefano of K.O.T.M.

Highly off-topic here, but recently I've been interviewing a few band members recently. I'm trying to help promote a rap group, K.O.T.M. They're under DJ Timbo Records, for those iTunes users who are familiar, and have so far Recorded one full song so far. So, I decided to do a phone call interview with one of the main men, Stefano R., aka "Certified G".

A: We’d you get the idea to form the rap group?
S: We had just decided to form the group several months ago, around October of 2010.  The original members were me, Issac, Ethan, Max, and Jake.
A: Where did you first perform?
S: Max’s Barmitzeah on December of 2010 with DJ Timbo.
A: You’re still working on a mixtape?
S: Yes.
A: How many raps will it include?
S. Two.
A. What are those songs?
S: We’re not sure what we’re going to call the two, we just began recording and writing of those two songs.
A: I listened to your first song, and how many people rapped in it?
S: Me and Max had two verses, and everybody else had a bridge. So everybody else had a role.
A: When you release an EP, how many will it include?
S: About four songs, including Knock Out, Take Money, the debut.
A: And will any of those be singles?
S: All of them.
A: Will you have any extra tracks, like acapella versions?
S: Probably not.
A: What’s your favorite part about working with KOTM?
S: Perhaps the numerous meetings at the recording studio, such as the movie theater in our camp. It’s a great place to hang out and write down songs. Oh, and performing. "


Check out the rest of the interview yonder.

It's usually nice to talk to talk to dudes like him, very laidback when I talked with him.

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