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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Aftermath of XYZ

The TF141 Media crew has returned from the XYZ convention. Apparently I wasn't invited, but whatever. Not that I don't care, but I was far too busy that night. However, I did get a lot of the scoop.

Apparently, the XYZ festival started as a street label that recorded underground mixtapes. Eventually it became a gaming convention for unnoticed studios, do to their interest in people or groups not recognized in the face of the industry. So it later started in 2002, and soon became popular. This year, the XYZ festival was hosted in England, due to the cover art being a shot of "The Tube" train in London. Rock group Axel Rudi Pell performed live doing an entire performance of their 1998 underground hit Oceans of Time, and their less successful 2004 album Kings and Queens. It was a sight to see for rockers around the world.

Later on, after about an hour, the awards were announced. Here are the categories:

- Independent Studio of the Year
- Best Independent Studio working under a Major Label
- Best Independent Music Label
- Best Underground Work
- Best Production of Games
- Best Production of Music
- Best Production of Film Soundtrack or Feature Presentations
- The Most Active Independent Studio of the Year

Although a festival, this was for invite only. The TF141 Media crew was nominated in three categories out of ten nominees each: Best Independent Studio working under a Major Label, Best Production of Games, and The Most Active Independent Studio of the Year. We had won the latter, due to our minor, yet significant work for Fallout: New Vegas, Killzone 3, Crysis II, inFamous II, Fable 3, Halo: Reach, and production on music albums England Keep My Bones, The King of Limbs, Fly from Here, and Nostradamus. We had barely beaten Raven Softworks, who nearly had won with eight major projects significantly finished. Derek Carter performed the speech, and apparently he stuttered once. Shame!

And Finn Smith was invited by Johnny Gioeli to go sing the chorus of 'Sea of Evil' with him. Good for him and all, but Rudi Pell and Gioeli can not be beat, even with Smith's stirring voice...... -_-

Yes, indeed, I heard it twas a fine night. But it was the part where Rudi Pell and the group began to use synthetic fire to begin the shows, and took it indoors, became the real eye-catcher. For me at least. It seemed like Johnny Gioeli was really on fire, and Rudi Pell's guitar was really lit. So it was definitely a stage presence from the gods of underground metal. These guys are seriously underrated, I swear it..

That is just barely topped by the part where Carter comes up to do a little song he wrote in just a case that they won an honor. Of course there was no reward, he used one of Rudi Pell's instruments, under supervision, of course, but it is the most retarded thing in the history of mankind. Next to Limp Bizkit, of course. He even dressed for the occasion: he dressed like someone from the hair metal era, and performed it not knowing how to use a guitar. Definitely something worth seeing.

Last but not least, they had vodka. Hooray.

Well, at least I got brought back this:

One of their best albums signed by one of the best vocalists of rock. Ever. Well, these guys officially have someone buying a ticket to their next show.

After I see Maiden, of course...

Anyways, that's the scoop of the XYZ festival.

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