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Sunday, July 31, 2011

One in a million buy: At the Underground Market

Check this out: At the Seattle, WA: Starlight Drive flea market (or underground / black market), we were able to obtain an original copy of the Seattle times reporting Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. Usually, you could buy this stuff for at least over $100 or $200. But this was the total price:


You wouldn't be able to find that anywhere else, now would you? Many people pay high money on this, so it is a great sell on eBay. Total score, right?

Other neat stuff we bought:

- A geddy lee signed Fly by Night vinyl cover (Happy b day man)
-   An entire CD collection of over 100 classic discs for only $49.99
-   An orange
-    Some crap we don't need

And we then we went to B&I.

To be continued....

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