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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No Sleep til XYZ

Finally being able to buy a new tour bus, the TF141 Media crew has been hard at work lately. We have finished off multiple small projects in the past few months, such as the SMART mastering in the below average Brink, our help in character designs and animations in inFamous II, and two trusted members of ours, Roland King and Rachel Mika, have both done production on two impressive albums: Frank Turner's England Keep My Bones, and Yes's Fly from Here, respectively.

In honor of our community work, we were then invited by members of the XYZ Award Community to be awarded for our achievements. We had then gotten enough money to buy ourselves a new studio, bus, and lighting rig for the TF141 Media band. (Will be explained in later post) The invasion there begins in four days, still waiting for our return. Considering how far everybody has grown over the years, and a Gathering will be held tomorrow.

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