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Friday, January 28, 2011

'Not Afraid' Bitch Fight on Youtube

Probably the most interesting thing that ever happened on a VEVO channel so far, Eminem's Not Afraid turns one simple comment into a reply, then another comment, then another comment, then swiftly into an entire bitch fit. And, frankly, me and a couple friends were trying to stop it. With numerous failed attempts and weak responses.

I'm not sure, but zoom in to find out who started it.
It started at about around 8:00-ish yesterday, the 27th. Frankly, I unintentionally started it, by saying something positive about the song, and how bullied kids could compare it to real life. This is his response:

"you don't have to like beiber but he has confidence unlike eminem so he was asked to be at the superbowl,.

eminem has no talent and no ability and no confidence (he suffers from panic attacks) and eminen is SO OLD and he goes against everything he superbowl represents"

Followed by the next:

"It teaches children to run away from home, and go with some crack dealer like Eminem to buy some crack so he can molest and rape the children himself. Only niggers and jewish people suck his dick, because they're niggers and jews."

Well, with the hundreds of people online, I was viciously offended. I think that black people, despite having just a different skin color, are equal to us, are just as great, if not better. (Martin Luther King, remember?) So, I responded to that, along with a grand total of three other people, who I had never met.

After that, a good eleven more comments were just a bitch fight between a good amount of people online, but here's the highlights:


They were the particular leaders against the revolt, saying things that you'd never hear anybody else say, only on the internet. It made me cringe, and I don't get startled by language. Rarely do I.

And I know, because I've watched Pulp Fiction AND Goodfellas.

This went on for a good half hour or so before finally stopping. I really didn't want to get involved, but the comments were so painstakingly stupid, hurtful, and I had never had an experience like that before on Youtube, so (regretfully) I stayed until it ended at around 9:20.

After that experience, I'm probably never going to go on a VEVO page in my life.

I wonder if anybody knows a way to ban members from Youtube because of spamming or comments like that. That would take off a good 1% or 2% of Youtube users. Maybe more.

Does anybody know a really good painkiller brand? I could use one now.

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