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Saturday, January 29, 2011

TF141Soldier's Kindle Stories: Swindle

I had the time to copy a Kindle 'Read First Chapter free', and I took it upon myself to write down a story that never made it on Amazon. One of my favorite books, Swindle.

Griffin is one of my favorite characters ever created, mostly because he doesn't tolerate a whole lot. He believes that adults have no right to do whatever they feel like. To them, they're getting the job done. However, to Griffin, it's just to fill their own selfish needs. He doesn't have a load of personality, but the character development that Korman adds into the story only adds to the depth and originality.

Ben is also an interesting character, mostly because he's made fun of in particular by the school bully, Darren, for his size, and although he's extremely loyal to Griffin, he never goes along with his plans and questions them quite a lot.

Griffin really is "The Man With The Plan". In the course of the three books, however, Griffin's plans will almost always get them in some sort of trouble, the third book almost causing Griffin to go to jail. Savannah's a strong female character, mostly because her love towards animals can really help out the team.

Logan Kellerman is my favorite character in the book, mostly because his acting skills and self-gloating can really make up for some of the greatest moments in the series, and also some of the most unique ever written in a book. Pitch is another great character, mostly because she can point out several flaws within most of Griffin's ever-present plans. Not to mention the fact that's she a great rock-climber, and rock climbing is one of my favorite pasttimes, besides writing in my blog and reading stuff on my Kindle. It's addicting, honestly.

Most of Korman's recent books I really haven't enjoyed. "On The Run" was particularly bad, because I think that the six books had too much information and shortened it with bad details and average characterization. The pacing, though, was a little better, and the story was interesting in its own way.

One of the things I also enjoy about Korman's series is that you're supposed to feel sympathy for each of these characters. Ben has Narcolepsy, which can cause an extraordinary amount of brief sleepiness during the day, which can really endanger him during the plans. Griffin is framed in the third book (which is also the title of the book) for seemingly stealing the school's super bowl football. Not to mention the fact that they're the usual targets of Darren Vader and his pranks.

But then there's Korman's entries for the 39 Clues series, but that's a whole different story to be told later in a whole different century.

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