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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Red vs. Blue Never Looked Better

Red vs. Blue is unique in its own way, mostly because it, arguably, started the whole Machinima progress. When it had first come out in 2003, NOBODY had ever used the strategy that Rooster Teeth did. They recorded voices of the staff, but synced the voices with the actions filmed in the popular Xbox series "Halo". The first episode currently has 3-and-a-half million views. It was just a bunch of guys fucking around, but those guys then fucked around for seven more seasons, creating an award-winning hit series that garnered attention from critics around the globe.

I like Red vs. Blue because the animation is clean and the humor is inventive. The characterization is also really good, and as the plotlines progress, Red vs. Blue can be pretty addicting.

Quite honestly, the series to me took sweet time to finally hook me. The first season, although funny, I didn't think it was up to standards. The second season improved over the criticism it more than likely got.

I talked about Red vs Blue to Jamie one day, and he told me that it was one of the greatest and most inventive things he'd come across. Nick objected, saying that, although the idea was really good, and the humor was alright, he thought the characters were way too alike. After mulling over this, it appears that the 1st season kinda did suffer this problem.

Some images from Season 5 and Revelation

I was kind of counting on my crew at TF141 Media to help me out. Sometime in 2005, Nick McCarthy and Jamie Smith came back, and our conversation led to asking if Red vs Blue would get better. They told me that the improvement was miraculous, it was a lot more addicting and fun.

Sure enough, they were right. Think Spartan teenagers who just throw insults while doing nothing but shoot at the air and yank flags for no reason. In the middle of fucking nowhere.

We finished the Blood Gulch Chronicles, and, sure enough, the series would continue.When I heard that Season Six would not be set in that small little map anymore, some lunch notes popped up whilst searching for Halo 3 maps, with state-of-the-art rushed handwriting and half-assed paper. But, hey, lunch breaks are pretty quick. And it was at a Subway.

Lunch notes with Emile Christ, Derek Carter, Alice Thompson, and Pierce Sanders

And the joys of writing with Gregg

We figured out it was in Valhalla, the two Red and Blue bases. We honestly would of picked Sandtrap, but, hey, it's Rooster Teeth, right?

We learned that one of the dudes from Barenaked Ladies was Butch Flowers, one of the dudes from Blood Gulch, and that just proved the show's popularity was increasing rapidly. We had to rewrite the crazy ideas that Rooster Teeth had planned about 3-4 times just for something to actually make sense.

Darrin Garcia, both an avid fan and criticizer of the show, made a very good point: you have to stick to the formula, right? I kind of mulled over this, considering that moving from Blood Gulch was a bad idea.

But then I figured out Blood Gulch wasn't even fucking in Halo 3.

Then Darrin's idea seemed a bit cracked up to me.

If this Map Pack map was one of the original, I would of SO used this as the new Blood Gulch.
We had finally mustered up the courage (and dignity) to finally buy Halo 3, and we realized what a blast it could be. Alice and Sean wrote a far more detailed dialogue suggestion.

When Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles finally came out, we looked over the DVD. We thought that it looked rather impressive.

I'm not sure, but I think that Chris took a shot of this menu.

Red vs. Blue was two months late in the mail. It kind of sucked real balls, but in the end, we're glad we waited. We had to decrypt the entire god damn set, but going over the DVNR was a bitch.

You know, I'm really starting to wonder where my life's headed.

Which is ironic, I never really noticed RvB until the DVDs came out.

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