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Friday, January 28, 2011

Transcript of Bill Wray and Scott Wills Chat


Alec (me)

After looking at Lyris-lite, I had the honor to be invited to a chat with Bill Wray and Scott Wills, who did some commentaries on the Season 5 Ren and Stimpy DVD. I copied down the entire transcript, and invited some friends.

We're really just talking about whatever we feel like, so don't expect a lot.

Bill Wray and Scott Wills were some of the original artists for the Spumco era, and some of the APC.

[Bill Wray's online]

Alec: Hey, Bill!
renstimpyVEVO: One of the original geniuses? Man, I'm glad you told me.
Billwray: It's nice to be here.
Alec: We're glad you're here. Scott online?
Billwray: He'll be here in a moment.

orderofstupids1: Well, what should we talk about?
Billwray: We'll do the same thing we did in the commentaries.
Alec: Talk about random shit that noR one cares about?
Billwray: Exactly!
razorvince21: Well, he's got a sense of humor.

[Scott Wills online]

Scottwills: I didn't miss much did I?
LUMMOXMODS: thankfully, no. You're just in time.
Alec: We were just about to talk.
Billwray: Welcome, fellow artist.

Alec: Alright, what kind of Spumco episodes did you guys have the luxury of writing?
Billwray: Well, we did have a part in Stimpy's Fan Club. Me and Elinor Blake were kind of excited to write it. Peter Avanzino and John K (of course) helped out with the story and colors. I had actually wanted this to be the greatest Ren and
Stimpy episode ever produced.
fallout36: Better than Stimpys Invention?! And Space Madness?
Billwray: I wanted it to, but nobody else seemed as excited. So I kind of gave up.

Scottwills: I took some pleasure in helping with Stimpy's Cartoon Show.
Alec: Which was a Games ep, right?
Scottwills: Yeah, I hated the fact that it was so late. I didn't write it though.
razorvince21: What did you write?
Scottwills: I'm not sure, possibly Ren's Brain.
Either I got the idea of talking with them lying drunk in Texas or being annoyed by the Games cartoons. I'm kind of leaning towards the former camp.
Alec: Ren's Brain was an unfinished Spumco episode, I believe.
Scottwills: Yeah, it was the first time the whole team got a chance to write some gags.
Billwray: I'm not sure, but I think Bob Jacques drew most of the poses.
fallout36: yeah, the show really inspired a lot of cartoons.
renstimpyVEVO: What about Magical Golden Singing Cheeses?
Alec: Yeah, it explains it in the commentary.
renstimpyVEVO: Oh, I don't have the season three DVD.

Probably the highlight of the commentaries on this set were them talking about the same thing. I hated the commentaries.
Alec: I think Ren's Brain would of have extra credits, which Space Madness did several years ago, right?
Scottwills: Yep. Only thing is, we didn't decide to add them.
fallout36: Hey, did that use a digital ink-and-paint system?
Alec: I think you would of known, Stimpy's nose being completly light blue would of been an example.
Alec: Or.... say.... Bill, you were an artist. Help me out.
Billwray: Ren's eyes would of been light pink instead of straight purple, I think.
fallout36: The APC used that.
Scottwills: The outlines around Ren would of been light brown.
LUMMOXMODS: Space Madness started out as a little paper, right?
Billwray: John told me writing Space Madness was a pain.

Alec: Pain? Look at what Stimpy's Invention!
Scottwills: Frankly, I never had a big Ren and Stimpy job until 1992.
Billwray: I have some old papers on the desk next to me.
fallout36: About some R&S?
Billwray: Yep.

LUMMOXMODS: Any opinions on the DVDs?
orderofstupids1: Will there ever be a true unuct Ren and Stimpy set?
razorvince21: Ren and Stimpy APC.
orderofstupids1: Of the real series?
Billwray: Well, the Timelife had an uncut episode that wasn't on the 'Seasons One and Two' DVD.
Alec: I can supply the uncut version of Son of Stimpy, for those who want it.
I think these set a world record for "fastest item to get off the market". It got taken off the shelves in less than a month.
razorvince21: YOU DO?
fallout36: That's great!
Scottwills: How did you get the uncut footage?
Alec: There was an MTV2 air on June 2 that I recorded, and sure enough it had that heartwarming 17 second scene.

LUMMOXMODS: Uh, Bill, about the Timelife set?
Billwray: Yeah?
renstimpyVEVO: Where can we find it for a decent price? It's nowhere on the market.
Alec: I can probably root it out from my pile of DVDs and VHS tapes, and some people at TF141 Media have it.
Alec: I'll put it on Amazon when I can.

Scottwills: Eh, I wouldn't hold my breath.
renstimpyVEVO: There isn't a Region 2 version of it, is there?
Billwray: Even if there was, I wouldn't recommend.
Alec: You'd have to deal with the whole NTSC-to-PAL.
fallout36: Not to mention extra shipping.
LUMMOXMODS: What about Ebay?
Alec: I don't know. I'm sure Lyris has a copy.

razorvince21: We're only asking because that would A. Complete my Ren and Stimpy collection.
razorvince21: And B. It's not on the market, so that would be worth it.
Alec: The Timelife set also fixes a lot of DVNR problems...
Billwray: But episodes like Stimpy's Fan Club and Son of Stimpy are missing.
razorvince21: More than that, I'm sure.
renstimpyVEVO: Well, I'll still buy it, mostly because I've already got most of Season 1 /2 on iTunes.
Scottwills: The extras are also bullshit. All you get is a bunch of sing-alongs.
Billwray: I mean, if you have it on iTunes, there's no arguing against that, but the Timelife really isn't worth it anymore.

I really recommend watching this on Netflix or buying it on iTunes. You'd only pay half the price on the latter for an actual DVD.

fallout36: Hey, does anybody have a favorite R&S episode? If so, name it.

Alec: Either Son of Stimpy or Stimpy's Invention.
fallout36: My money's on Ren Seeks Help.
Billwray: Pass.
Scottwills: Pass.
razorvince21: Altruists.
renstimpyVEVO: Stimpy's Fan Club. It may be long for what's it's worth, but it's still good.
LUMMOXMODS: Space Madness.

Alec: Anybody still up for the Timelife?
renstimpyVEVO: Yep.
razorvince21: Of course.
fallout36: Depends on how much it costs. If it's cheap, I'll take it.
Scottwills: I already own a copy, currently in the city dumpster.
Alec: Ha!

Alec: Well, I can supply a home-made DVD case containing the rest of the episodes, along with the UNCUT Son of Stimpy and Big Baby Scam.
razorvince21: Where's my wallet?
Billwray: Is Man's Best Friend still on there?
Alec: Uncut and untamed. I also think that Big Baby Scam's uncut from what I downloaded.
fallout36: How much?
Alec: I'm estimating about $16.99 for this set, lowering the price because of the cuts and lack of extras.
renstimpyVEVO: That's a steal? When should I check Amazon?
Billwray: Are there any extras?
Alec: I expect it to sell some copies on Amazon by tommorow.
Alec: Sorry, Bill. All I got was a gallery of storyboards and old pencilings.
Scottwills: I still don't regret throwing it away.

LUMMOXMODS: While you were talking, I found this.
LUMMOXMODS: http://www.bfast.net/ren-stimpy-collect34/
Billwray: What is it?
LUMMOXMODS: It says that it includes every single uncut episode. Is it worth what it says?
Scottwills: It's fake. You can tell by the packaging and cover.
Alec: It's more than likely bootleg.
fallout36: I think I saw something similar.
Alec: Yeah, I don't recommend Bfast.
renstimpyVEVO: I've been there. It's all bootleg, completly member-owned.
razorvince21: It does have a weird selection.

Billwray: I wonder if Bob Jacques remembers working on Stimpy's Invention?
Alec: Probably. That was a groundbreaking episode.
fallout36: Really, I hated Games watching the Spike TV re-run.
fallout36: And I hate Spike TV. They're all commercials.
Scottwills: Not to mention DVNR.
renstimpyVEVO: I dunno. Spike TV's really gone down the drain.
Billwray: So has MTV.
Alec: The only channels I ever watch? VH1 Classic and TNT.
renstimpyVEVO: Being in the UK, I watch VH1 UK and Nicktoons UK.
Scottwills: How come Nicktoons? Nothing's ever good on there, MAYBE spongebob.
razorvince21: I think Ren and Stimpy plays more often in Nicktoons UK.
LUMMOXMODS: I hate every channel. I only like watching Netflix.

Billwray: Being the person that I am, I watch any channel that'll have good movies on, like FX or VH1, but I'll sometimes tune into Nicktoons, considering that I worked for them once.

Alec: Well, I gotta go. See ya later.

I logged off after that, either out of boredom or the fact that I hated talking at 3:00 in the morning. With only a bottle of beer.

In a fucking hotel.

I wonder if John K had the same experience talking with Lyris.

This so-called "re-run" really sucked. Big time. Don't watch it.

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