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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Q&A for the viewers

For those of you wanting to know about me (and dear god, let's just get it over with), let's at least start with this. I was sent an email about a guy wanting to join me for one of these in a chatroom, so I did.

Q: How old are you, Alec?

I am 27, but I made a mistake on my Youtube page that says I am eighteen.

Q: How did you start working for Bethesda?

Well, we started out by giving a call after seeing an ad for "The Elder Scrolls IV", and explained that we wanted to be some of the designers. We started out by giving them some bow designs, and they seemed very impressed, and they wanted to further the artwork. Pretty soon, we were both writing and designing for major games like Fallout 3, New Vegas, and the upcoming MMO, Fallout Online. That's basically how we're able to feed ourselves.

Q: What's your role in Fallout Online? (The same goes for the TF141 Media crew)

Well, this time we've taken a step up and are not only designing the weapons, we're able to control of more interface and online options. I think the guys at Masthead, the Bulgarian developers, also wanted to involve us in more of the visual effect breakdowns, but we're still in production and waiting. It's the biggest project we've worked on, and despite the criticism we're giving it, we're glad to be a part of it.

Q: Are you happy about their decisions to make it an MMO?

I'm still mixed about that. I do hate their decision to take the production away from Bethesda, but Masthead seems nice enough.

Q: And you live?

Well, I'm currently working long hours in Atlantic City, New Jersey, renting an apartment. After I'm done following Fallout Online through here, though, I really live in Belgium. The stuff they say about their fries is true, by the way.

Q: Do you enjoy working at your studio?

It's amazing. I've really gotten to know EVERYBODY. They're very funny, you're able to hold an interesting conversation with them, and they'll always have an interesting fable to reminiscence.

Q: Since you're a big video game guy, what's your favorite?

Either Fallout 3 (yeah, I can like my own games) or Mass Effect. I can't exactly decide.

Q: What's your favorite food?

Gyro meat. The Greeks can really cook up some meat.

Q: I've also heard some people from TF141 Media did some covers for various DVD sets. What did they work on?

I can't exactly remember all of them, but I think I remember Michael Carter showing off a cover he made for either Saving Private Ryan or The Pacific, some big war movie / series coming out at the time. My bets are on the latter route.

Q: I've heard you worked on some digital series called Paradise Lost. What's all that about?

It revolves around the comedic (and sometimes dramatic) fables of Caesar, an altruistic, but devoted protagonist, who, although sometimes unwilling to do certain deeds due to his pacifistic nature, can actually work a bow and arrow when it comes to it. Isabella is his girlfriend, and she's quite the kickass, and doesn't tolerate any kind of shit thrown to her, but she is nonetheless loyal to Caesar.

Q: Wow. And how many episodes did it go on for?

A total of 14.

Q: And your favorite?

"The Wasteland". It's a 40-minute (hour when it aired on VH1 Britain) epic that revolves around the two in a decrepit, almost destroyed corrupt capitol. I'll explain the story further in one of my later blog posts, which might be the best one..

Q: What kind of genre music do you like?

Alternative rock (bands like Gemini, 30 Seconds To Mars, etc.), classic rock (The Beatles, Rolling Stones), and hard rock / metal (Judas Priest, Scorpions, Faith No More), but not the kind of metal where you can't hear a damn thing. I do hate rap, though, but I do like Eminem (besides that Relapse album).

Q: Where's the TF141 Media location?

Well, in Belgium, of course. The TF141 Media crew had to fly first class all the way to New Jersey.

Q: Do you work for anybody else besides TF141 Media?

I was part of the Online Film Critics Society, but that got ditched a long time ago.

Q: In your spare time, what do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy updating my web log, of course, it helps me stay current. I also like to sketch, hang out with the TF141 Media members with some cans of coca-cola. I also enjoy going out to eat at places like Rigatony's (very good place to get a salad / bread), and listening to hard rock.

Q: Pierce Sanders is his name, right? I heard you help him make mixtapes?

Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't. All I know is he has a DJ, and we do make them sometimes.

Q: Any information about your upcoming book?

We're thinking about putting it for free on Kindle (hopefully free).

Q: Back to the mixtapes: anywhere you know where I can buy them?

What, are you insane?

Q: Nope.

Okay, okay. We haven't make an album or anything, but we're throwing around the possibility of making an LP for them. It won't be very long, though, so it'll be CHEAP.

Q: And what's your favorite music artist?

Avantasia. I think the idea of a metal opera is the greatest.

Q: That's all I gotta say. Later.

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