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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Space Bound - Alec's Trip to Florida Pt. 1

Well, during my 1-week trip to Florida, I was able to visit Universal Studios AND Disney World. Pretty cool, right? In between nothing but spare time with a car and two kids, (and in honor of my son's birthday), I took them to the Kennedy Space Center. Here's some images:

Us at the bridge. Sorry, convicts, no license plates!

One step for man, one step for mankind.

Little Ava standing by as a rocket flies by

This dude stares at everybody for the entire day. Wonder how much he's paid?

Oooooh, shiny!

Sam and Ava compare shoes. Sorry, not big enough.

Hey, let's break in!

A little screen showed us some of space.
Another spaceship, near the restaurants.

Liftoff in five.. four..
One of the NASA buildings. Don't touch!

It was a dark and stormy night... a lone dog prepared to launch into space..

Our tour guide presenting the area around.

Ava enjoying a healthy lunch of hot dogs and french fries

Sam with a Coca-Cola and an almost-eaten pile of fries and steak.
Sam again.

I think Ava took this one...

Here's Space Command. Houston, we have a problem!

Wait, who took this one?
Jenny and Ava. Isn't Mother Nature Amazing?

Sam enjoying Pizza Hut. While we're having a rainstorm.

Ava attempting to choke the life out of Sam.

John driving us.
to be continued

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