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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Vault - 2 - Ren and Stimpy Restoration #2

Continuing the attempted restoration of every Ren and Stimpy scene, next up comes the "Big Baby Scam"-inspired episode, "Road Apples". Around this time, I started talking to Rachel Mika and Derek Carter. They mentioned that they noticed a censored scene on the Season Three and a Half-Ish DVD (BIG surprise there), and they wanted to restore it for the hell of it. It seemed pretty distracting, and it was completly ridiculous, the cut they made, for it was WAY too obvious. Not to mention the fact that it's longer than the 'Haunted House' Bloody Head Fairy scene. This one just chugs on for an entire 1 minute 37 seconds (and, in my opinion, it was the best part of a decent episode), so I was in on it.

Alright, so this scene was a LOT harder than the 'Son of Stimpy' scene. Let's start with this: I had gotten the scene off a VH1 airing. The annoying VH1 logo remained down below in the bottom right-hand corner. We had to remove the annoyance that it was, so that means some redrawing had to be done. Doing so also forced in dot crawl and DVNR, so we had to fix that up, which, arguably was one of the hardest things.

Next, the scene we had gotten required a hell of a lot of cutting, pasting, and revising. Not to mention remastering and an overseas territory change. The one we had gotten was a PAL import, so we had to have Nick McCarthy send it overseas to San Diego just to change it to NTSC.

Some re-drawing, due to the fake fade, had to be done. But that was considerably easy.

Finally, some animation had to be re-made. Getting the import had a lot of off-synch talking, with the character's lips just going off exactly two or three seconds before they talk. There was some voice acting samples that had to be re-done and mastered, saved on a protection masters that someone from Games had prepared. In the end, though, it seemed to pay off.

The lip sync seemed to be nearly flawless, and the animation / remastering was a hell of a lot better. Now, at the time I recorded the final project, I didn't actually have a protection master of it. That was Roland King's job, one of our 'rookies' at the time, who helped a lot with the project. I have the protection master, so I can send it to you if you want in the comments section. Anyways, my iPod did it fine enough, so enjoy our hard work!

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