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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hoover Dam Pictures

Well, since I had nothing but spare time, I decided to take Sam while his little sister, Ava, was on vacation in New York, I decided to not make him feel left out and took him to California. During that time, we also drove to Vegas, and we decided on Hoover Dam. While I was driving, admiring the views, I counted on Sam to take the pics (when he wasn't entertaining himself by reading a Kindle eBook). He took pictures of snow we encountered and some of Hoover Dam, while I did the rest of Hoover Dam and Vegas.

Here's some of the trip to Hoover Dam:

I mean, wow! You have to admire a place like this. These pictures were amazing. Period.

Here's a funny gag with the two pictures down below: with the picture of Sam on the right, he's currently in Arizona. With the picture of him on the left, he's currently in Nevada.

There's me! I'm a little too far away from the cam, but, oh well!

We stopped at a Cracker Barrel when I got exhausted from driving, and me and Sam thought it would be funny if we did this.

Oh, my twisted sense of humor and wit.

Here's Sam being introduced to classic music.

And since I had nothing but money in my wallet from working at TF141 Media, I bought him that.

Hey, let's jump in!

I'll update later for more pictures and an update on my "Vault".

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