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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Philippines Arts and Sciences Video Game Festival

Well, the crew just got back from the Philippines. Finally, I can give my laptop a break. Doing work on New Vegas got us some recognition, and we were officially invited to the festival. The people at TF141 Media had a great time. The good thing? You don't have to win an award to get some kind of certificate. Anybody invited there will have some kind of selection jury award. It's really nice, a good change of pace.

We won the Studio of the Year along with Bethesda! I scanned this on the computer:

Yeah, it's kind of crummy, but it's at least something. And it was posted on the website, along being aired on the Philippines' Spike TV, so at least the Filipinos at least got to see it. That's the thing about awards: either you have to let people know about it, and they either don't believe and laugh, or they let people know about it, and now they believe it and are impressed by your work, even if they haven't seen it. Yeah... kind of stupid, I know. But, hey! When in Rome.

After the 'fest was over, we signed some copies of New Vegas for those lucky Filipinos that signed up before.

Lucky Russel gets his copy

You know, that makes me feel strangely nostalgic of the UK International Video Festival...

Although we lost the 'Best RPG' to Mass Effect 2, we did win 'Editor's Pick: Best Xbox Game', which was really cool.

Good news! The Fallout: New Vegas special, "Arizona Killer: The Making of New Vegas" officially premiered on VH1 in the United Kingdom on November 28th of 2010, and will be airing in America on February 16th, 2011 on G4TV for the entire hourlong special! 50 copies were officially sold out to those who ordered them on the TF141 Media european blog for free. We'll look into production for the United States / Canada.

Later, everyone.

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