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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On The Road

Which one's Sam, and which one's me? Try and guess.

Well, continuing from my last post, here's some more photos. This time, we entered the world-famous THE STRIP! I knew a good deal about this working with New Vegas. (In fact, Sam brought it up several times) We got to see stuff like Encore, The Mirage, Caesar's Palace, and Treasure Island. (It was for photos only, though)


There's the Forum Shops.

Caesar's Palace. This, along with New York, New York, and Encore, was one of the only ones I went into.

This one's Treasure Island. There was a book by the same name. Put me and Sam to sleep!

This is the Statue of Liberty in Vegas. Look at that PHOTO! It's quite possibly one of the best we took.


The Mirage. If I'm not mistaken, Terry Fator plays there, correct?


There's the Wynn. Look at how the clouds are reflecting off the building! Just great.

There's Excalibur. Looks a little more colorful than I expected, but, When in Rome, I guess.

New York, New York. Nice little place.

Here's MGM: The City of Entertainment. Looks pretty cool, could someone explain?

There's Mandalay Bay. I really like how the sun was reflecting off the building.


An awesome bead collection we saw on a scenic view.

This awesome hotel.

TO BE CONTINUED. Next up will be breathtaking photos of a snowy part of Nevada / Arizona and some Route 66 hospitality.

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