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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Acapella Gamer Community and TF141 Media on Orcidea

The masterful Fallout expert, Finnish gamer Jodi "Orcidea", who is currently working at Energia Productions on the project "Iron Sky" as a project master, is featured in the similarly excellent Acapella Gamer Community's Fallout: New Vegas blow-out, he's featured right after the 'hands on' interview from TF141 Media (us, dumbass) and the Acapella Gamer Community.

I couldn't of put it simpler. Orcidea is a great gamer, he does everything and really roots out for the most obscure stuff, he really puts his effort into helping the other gamers around the world complete the quest they need help on, or find the weapon they break windows for.

Anyways, read the whole thing in 53 long, informative pages in the link above. It's not so bad, and other gamers are mentioned as well, such as Alley of Infinite Angles. Thanks for all your time, Acapella Gamers and Editors. You've helped us as well.

Did I ever tell them that was their most viewed section of the website? Ah, they'll figure it out.

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