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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Interplay Forums: Suggest-a-Weapon, Suggest-a-Perk, Ideas and Suggestions

First off, I want to respectively thank Guns367, Arcanix, and Austin for posting these three awfully wonderful forum topics on the official Interplay website.

Alright, so here's what they ask: Guns367 asks: What ideas do you have for Online?

Well, let's start with these:

Personally, I know this is an MMO, every man for himself game type, but I've got a couple of ideas for it. For starters there should be a friend addition. You can make friends online and chat with one another. Here's a suggestion that everybody at TF141 Media considers terrific: If you're trying to complete a quest that you don't want to do alone, ask a friend, using an interface option, you can ask him to join you for a cooperative match. You can also invite other friends and see what they do back; either ignore you or agree to join your game.

Arenas. Definitely. If you want to earn up some levels fighting hordes of enemies using your weapons, or if you want to show a friend who's boss (or vice versa) I personally think there should be arenas. (Actually, I think Finn and Emile suggested this idea sometime earlier) It would be good for leveling. I think there should be other public areas that everybody can go to, like say.

Special Features

- Make A Faction: Pierce, Scott, and I came up with this idea: start a faction. Here, if you have enough experience (remember, just a suggestion), than start your own custom faction. Other players can join you online, and work under you, get special armor from you, even own customized weapons under your PMC name.
- Trade Sum Weapons: A Trading System sounds excellent. Here, you and another player can go into a trade system, where you can either sell a weapon for cash, or trade it in with another. It can really improve gameplay, and help one another, both survival-wise, and money-wise.


No ideas there, yet.


Archanix posted up: What kind of weapons do you suggest?

Awesome question there. Well, for starters, the Tesla Rifle. It's like an assault rifle mixed with tesla attributes. I also suggest that there should be certain ammunition types for various weapons, like in Borderlands, for an example.

I think there should also be other kinds of weapons that the player can customize and create. You take a rifle in your menu, and, if you have the cash, you can make your own weapon based on the attributes of that weapon. For example, say you have an Assault Rifle. Deck it out in whatever camouflage you want (if that's cool to you), and choose it's attributes, a faction's name to go under it, and the effects it has, not to mention the accuracy, magazine size, and attachments that it can have.


Lastly, Austin asks: If you were to suggest a perk, what would it be?

The Supporter: You and your team respect one another (this also refers to the idea that I had). At least for now. Your entire team now has the ability to import ammunition to one another.

Here's the interface that I planned for this little contraption: If a player requests ammo, you can supply it under your faction name and give them x amount of ammunition. If your supply from the PMC eventually runs out, you can pay them a fine (or just give ammo personally or from everybody's vote) to restore more.

It sounded like a good (but somewhat complex) idea to me, and everybody else seemed to get the hint. I think Michael and Roland went to Masthead to ask for confirmation on the Make-a-Faction idea.

Listen to the fans, Interplay, and you might improve the game yet.

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