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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adjusting an HDTV

Whenever somebody buys a TV, whether it's the smallest and most visually unimpressive thing they've ever bought, or the biggest and seemingly good-looking HDTV, you'll never have the exact picture that the developers intended. I'm going to use a Spongebob episode and a Panasonic HDTV to help show a way you can improve your experience.

This is what it looks like in normal view from a camera's edge. The color is more impressive than this, but it can be better from a normal view, or even one of the biggest geek's view. So, let's run through.

First, sharply enhance the contrast. This help adjusts the usual 16:9, or 1:33:1 aspect ratio NTSC color. This can help sharpen the overall image and inking around the characters, in cartoon forms. In terms of videogames, the background will look overall more saturated, in a good way. In movie terms, the color seems more technologically advanced in aspect ratio terms.

Next, adjust the color to somewhere in between 75 and 80, in Panasonic terms. The painting and boldness around the cartoon characters will look significantly improved, almost as if you're watching on a DVD. Remember, if you have a DVD+VCR player, it IS possible to adjust VHS tapes, but don't take advantage, due to DVNR.

Lastly, attack the sharpness all the way up to 100. This can really improve the edges and overall view on color and contrast. I don't recommend adjusting the tint, due to the color problems that it has. And brightness is fine as it is.

This is the image after enhancement, looks a lot better than a normal view, and a little better than a normal High-Definition channel.

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