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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fallout Online / 3 / New Vegas - This Goes Out To The Fans

One lucky fan gets his signed $60 copy

On Mars TV, on Day 4 of the 9 planned days of the Fallout Online special (available for those to watch in the UK and the East), we'll be having fans featured on the show. We'll talk to them about their experiences.

Here's an extraordinary story that's going to be covered: there was a group of five fans (UK gamertags EXOduS56, AsiaVH11, WalesGamer161, thekingdomofgamers, and GARAGEINCMASTER) eagerly awaiting the release of Fallout Online, AND Fallout 3. Until one day they could stand it no longer. And so, AsiaVH11, WalesGamer161, and thekingdomofgamers (respectively called Tony, Michael, and Nathan), hosted an event to make an online-members Fallout game. Here enters GARAGEINCMASTER (called Stephanie, the only chick helping), and EXOduS56 (known as Jon). Unfortunately, they were the only contenders. Using a number of leaked game programmers, a Photoshop, their own personal HQ, and help from various websites, in nearly three years, in late 2006, early 2007, FALLOUT: THE RECREATION was born.

The game was a massive hit. 1,000 members in the Americas signed up to play, 250,000 worldwide eventually going to play. It earned them over $3,000,000 American dollars in revenue.

HOWEVER, the leaked game programs' owners soon figured this out. And so, FALLOUT: THE RECREATION (FTR) ceased to exist. However, they were devoted. They went on several now-defunct websites. More of the LLCs continued to find the websites they were on, until finally a lawsuit was filed. In a valiant battle, the studios, combined, only got about $4,500 in $1,500,000 fines.

Isn't that amazing? Even in the way of several threats from the companies, they continued to strive forward.

We'll be covering the entire story. There will also be several questions from the fans that AREN'T appearing on the show that will be included in the interview with the five awesome gamers.

The interview will come in a later post. At 7:30 - 8:45 eastern time, in the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France, Spain, Greece, and Japan, the "Day 4 of 9 Days with Fallout: This Goes Out To The Fans" will air. Check it out!

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