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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Vault - Entry 12 - Roland complains in an interview

Thanks to the now-defunct TCAF forums, a transscript of an interview by PC Gamer Japan, translated by me for the English viewer's pleasure (honestly, I don't want a bunch of complaints that nobody can read, just find an online translator). I can't show the whole thing due to not having total permission from Masthead, but here's what I can:


I do have permission to post the interview on the official TF141 Media blog, but don't expect anything leaked or juicy. Normally I would defend Bethesda, because they've done so much and don't deserve as much criticism about Project V13 as they have gotten, but I will agree with him on a small point. It seems that either side can't seem to stop arguing. However, we are working on the project like crazy, so it's hard to tell which side will win. Even after a few years, nobody's won yet, or lost yet.

Still, it's interesting to hear a designer's perspective, wouldn't you agree?

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