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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk Cheats

Do people selling on Amazon really think we're dumbasses? Check these out.

Look at Image #3. £66 for The Best of Crush 40. Compare that to US dollars and that's 97 - 98$. That's ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. I could buy this album on Playasia.com for about $36. How ridiculous is that?

And a Kindle is selling used for about $240. Why buy the 3G Wi-Fi Kindle for $240 USED when I could buy the $189 version like that?

Image #1 isn't by a cheap user, this is Amazon themselves. You have to pay $1 for a 9-second skip from The Marshall Mathers LP. Uh.... what? Why pay $1 when you can just click the 'preview' button and it plays the whole thing?

And Image #2 really takes the cake. Nearly $200 for an album that I could buy at Gallery of Sound for a hell of a lot less?

I think Amazon's users really have to watch it if they want to sell anything.

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