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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fallout Online 4 - Online Chat with crimson666angel

What was amazing about the experience was that I got to talk to this girl and introduce her to something extraordinary like this. Anyways, enjoy, some valuable information in here.

crimson666angel (5:14:31 PM): Hey, what`s Fallout Online?
tf141soldier (5:14:39 PM): Ah, good to see someone.
crimson666angel (5:14:51 PM): Hehe, I know nothign however
crimson666angel (5:14:53 PM): *ng
tf141soldier (5:15:02 PM): Fallout Online is an online multiplayer game we're working on to the popular Fallout series.
crimson666angel (5:15:17 PM): Hmm, I`m guessing tis a shooter game?
tf141soldier (5:15:24 PM): Unlike the last games that were single player only, it's online.
tf141soldier (5:15:28 PM): It's an RPG.
tf141soldier (5:15:36 PM): Well, actually a role-playing shooter.
crimson666angel (5:15:49 PM): Ooh?
tf141soldier (5:15:50 PM): Combining first-player elements and RPG elements.
tf141soldier (5:16:09 PM): Like Borderlands, Mass Effect, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., BioShock, all the good stuff.
crimson666angel (5:16:26 PM): Ah, hehe, nice.
crimson666angel (5:16:32 PM): What`s the main plot?
tf141soldier (5:17:16 PM): Well, in Fallout 3, you're born in a Vault to your father, James. Your mother dies giving birth to you. At 19, your father leaves and the whole Vault (Vault 101) goes insane. You have to escape into the Capitol Wasteland, set in D.C.
tf141soldier (5:17:30 PM): This follows your adventures in the Wasteland. You level up, collect weapons.
crimson666angel (5:17:47 PM): Interesting
crimson666angel (5:18:17 PM): In online, what would you do then?
tf141soldier (5:18:18 PM): Your karma also has a part in the game. Do bad things in the game (like killing innocents, pickpocketing, looting the town), and you'll get bad karma. Do good things, and you'll be good. There's also a neutral karma.
tf141soldier (5:18:39 PM): In Online, there is no main plot. This is completely player-and-side quest based.
crimson666angel (5:19:25 PM): Hmmm, I imagine that`d be fun. What`s the timeline?
tf141soldier (5:19:54 PM): Fallout 3 is set in the 2200's (same with New Vegas). Online will have no relation to it, but it will still be in a Wasteland.
tf141soldier (5:20:25 PM): The team at Masthead Studios and the people at TF141 Media (who currently work under Bethesda, creators of Fallout 3 and New Vegas).
tf141soldier (5:21:10 PM): Unfortunately, the original Fallout 1 and 2 creators, Interplay Studios, are filing lawsuits to Bethesda under rights to production of Fallout Online. Right now, Masthead and us are taking care of it, while we're fighting for Bethesda.
crimson666angel (5:21:55 PM): What`ll happen if they win though? The game won`t be allowed then, will it?
tf141soldier (5:22:31 PM): Either way, it will more than likely be produced. However, Interplay and Bethesda were part of the success. Masthead is here to fill in the blanks while they fight.
crimson666angel (5:23:23 PM): Will it have problems though, if they don`t comply?
tf141soldier (5:24:11 PM): We can't say for sure. Interplay (if they win) will go back to the third-person gameplay from the original games, Bethesda (if they win) will do the role-playing shooter elements from 3 and New Vegas.
tf141soldier (5:24:27 PM): The other games in the series, though, (Tactics and Brotherhood of Steel) will have no relation to it.
crimson666angel (5:25:23 PM): Will it be much different from the other Fallout games?
tf141soldier (5:25:52 PM): Well, this will be the first Fallout game to EVER be online. The last games had no relation to anything else besides single-player.
tf141soldier (5:26:17 PM): We're also attempting to use a new game engine, besides the Fallout 3 engine Gamebyro.
crimson666angel (5:26:26 PM): Graphics wise and weapons wise though
tf141soldier (5:27:07 PM): Ahhh. Well, who knows? We'll have completely new locations. Unlike 3, where everything was irridiated and barren, Online will have different locations in all. Weapons will be really new, in particular a bow and arrow.
tf141soldier (5:27:46 PM): We'll also add in some incendiary ammunition and explosive ammunition, Sniper Scopes, extended magazines, and you can customize the camouflage of the weapons.
crimson666angel (5:28:14 PM): Nice...
tf141soldier (5:28:23 PM): Yeah. Indeed.
tf141soldier (5:28:46 PM): We'll also use a different digitally mastered ink-and-paint system for the colors, cinema, and textures.
tf141soldier (5:29:05 PM): I can show you a video of what Fallout 3's about, if you want.
crimson666angel (5:29:13 PM): Alright, sure
tf141soldier (5:36:09 PM): We lost connections for a minute. ):
crimson666angel (5:36:17 PM): It keeps saying you`re online ;^^
tf141soldier (5:36:31 PM): Same here. Anyways, wanna keep talking about Fallout?
tf141soldier (5:36:36 PM): Or are you bored?
crimson666angel (5:37:15 PM): Hehe, I`ve never played it, but it looks interesting
crimson666angel (5:37:23 PM): Tis up to you though~
tf141soldier (5:37:26 PM): Yeah, wait'll you get into the story.
tf141soldier (5:37:45 PM): It's pretty addicting.
crimson666angel (5:38:32 PM): RPGs tend to be
crimson666angel (5:38:46 PM): Does what you choose to say effect the gameplay much?
tf141soldier (5:39:05 PM): When it comes to karma? Hell yes. There's some real decisions you have to make later on.
crimson666angel (5:39:46 PM): Hehe, I love moments like those. Although sometimes certain choices make you end the game. Is it the same in fallout?
tf141soldier (5:40:49 PM): In the ending, there are three decisions. You have to go into a radiation system unless you want the whole thing to fail. You can choose to go in yourself, have a partner go in, or just ignore it. Any choice will end the game unless you have DLC.
crimson666angel (5:41:05 PM): DLC?
tf141soldier (5:41:11 PM): Downloadable content.
tf141soldier (5:42:09 PM): It's content you can download online in order to enhance or further a game experience.
crimson666angel (5:42:29 PM): Is it made by the game people, or do hackers do it?
tf141soldier (5:42:56 PM): Game people.
crimson666angel (5:43:17 PM): Hehe, ok
tf141soldier (5:43:56 PM): You do have to pay for most of it, but some of it's worth it.
crimson666angel (5:44:17 PM): Only some? lol
tf141soldier (5:44:49 PM): There's a lot of it that's overly expensive or boring, or both.
crimson666angel (5:45:43 PM): Well price is always an issue these days. The boring bits aren`t too long though, right?
tf141soldier (5:46:06 PM): Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't. Fallout's alright.
tf141soldier (5:47:26 PM): Wanna know more about Online?
crimson666angel (5:47:35 PM): Sure
tf141soldier (5:47:47 PM): Alright, so wanna how about the gameplay?
tf141soldier (5:47:52 PM): *know
crimson666angel (5:48:09 PM): *nod*
tf141soldier (5:48:30 PM): Okay, so you'll be set in various locations. The level cap we're planning is from Level 1 to 40.
crimson666angel (5:49:10 PM): cap?
tf141soldier (5:49:31 PM): You'll have various weaponry to deal with. Some are from the previous games, like Plasma Rifles, Chinese Assault Rifles, Tesla Cannons. We'll have new stuff like Crossbows, Machine Guns.
tf141soldier (5:49:38 PM): A level cap is how high you can level up.
crimson666angel (5:50:35 PM): Ah. What exactly levels up though. Health, or what, damage and such?
tf141soldier (5:50:45 PM): Some more weapons include a Tesla Rifle. We'll have various weapon properties, like it has incendiary ammo, explosive ammo, has a scope, has an extended mag, has more accuracy, etc.
tf141soldier (5:50:51 PM): Leveling up helps everything in general.
tf141soldier (5:51:02 PM): In Fallout, you having something called S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
tf141soldier (5:51:17 PM): Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck.
crimson666angel (5:52:02 PM): Ah, so it all adds up
tf141soldier (5:52:06 PM): You'll have abilities you can raise as you level up. Small Guns, Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Medicine, Sneak, Melee Weapons, Unarmed Weapons, Survival (like food and endurance).
tf141soldier (5:52:23 PM): It does. You'll also have perks you can choose as you level up. That'll be included in Online.
crimson666angel (5:53:24 PM): Like what
crimson666angel (5:53:25 PM): ?
tf141soldier (5:53:58 PM): Perks that'll give you special abilities. Upgrading weapon damage, stimpak (which is a health kit in the game) increase, there's a lot. Play Fallout to understand.
tf141soldier (5:54:19 PM): And you don't mind that I'm going to put this on my web log, do you?
crimson666angel (5:54:28 PM): Not at all, go right ahead
crimson666angel (5:54:47 PM): The fact I`m a stranger to the game might be an issue though
tf141soldier (5:55:15 PM): Okay, another big thing we're going to include are working vehicles. In the old Fallout games, everything that ran on electricity, for a good 60% of the Wastelands, nothing worked.
crimson666angel (5:56:01 PM): Ah, so will more work then?
tf141soldier (5:56:04 PM): Here, we'll include armored vehicles, flying vehicles, and something we call the 'Zero Gravitation' (though we're still debating on it), which can hold up to six players in one vehicle, and it can fly AND drive.
tf141soldier (5:56:21 PM): And they will work more. Your weapons will still need repairing.
tf141soldier (5:56:31 PM): In the last couple games, your weapon's condition was important.
tf141soldier (5:56:53 PM): You had to repair it yourself with another copy of that weapon, or go to a vendor to pay a price.
tf141soldier (5:57:01 PM): And V.A.T.S. may return.
crimson666angel (5:57:08 PM): V.A.T.S.?
crimson666angel (5:57:18 PM): Wait, how often would you find a vendor?
tf141soldier (5:57:22 PM): V.A.T.S. is a limb-targeting system.
tf141soldier (5:57:35 PM): And a vendor is at any modern cities or caravans that you'll find on the road.
tf141soldier (5:57:54 PM): In cities like Rivet City and Megaton, there's a lot of vendors.
tf141soldier (5:58:03 PM): Wanna know more about V.A.T.S?
crimson666angel (5:58:29 PM): *nodnod* So certain areas would give critical hits or more damage?
tf141soldier (5:59:50 PM): V.A.T.S. is a targeting system. You press a button and the enemy freezes in time. You can choose a limb, and it will tell you the percent chance you have to hit it. You need to have Action Points (AP) to hit him in V.A.T.S. Use all of it, and they have to recharge. You have a limited amount of AP, and it takes a while to charge up. Don't trust V.A.T.S. all the time, but it does help if you're in a bad situation. You can also choose to target two-three enemies at once.
crimson666angel (6:00:41 PM): Nice. No rush there then
tf141soldier (6:01:33 PM): Nope. It's more than likely going to return.
tf141soldier (6:01:37 PM): Anyways, I gotta go.
crimson666angel (6:01:51 PM): Alrighty, thanks for talking^^
tf141soldier (6:01:52 PM): Visit my web log if you wanna look over it!
tf141soldier (6:02:00 PM): http://www.alecmarintf141.blogspot.com/
crimson666angel (6:02:09 PM): I will thanks

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