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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Soda Bar - 01 - Verdicts on the Vault Dweller's Survival Guide

Very off topic here, but I'm going to take a brief break on news for Fallout Online.

You know that one quest in Fallout 3, where you had to do some crazy-ass experiments for the infamous writer in Megaton? The Wasteland Survival Guide? Well, here's what a PDF version looks like.

The Wasteland Survival Guide was worked on by the people at TF141 Media and Bethesda. We did some of the drawings (including the weapon drawings in particular) while they wrote. We first showed it off at the PAX in 2008. Right off the bat, there's a really tongue-in-cheek sense of humor about the hilarious writing and drawings that are shown compared to the bleak, dangerous wasteland. Here you go.

 The 'Adapting to the Outside' was an old drawing by me and Emil. One of the best drawings. Ever.

I think this one was Gregg's. I'll look into it.

 This might of been the original Pip-Boy design.

Yeah, this one was Pete Hines. Very humorous and realistic for the game, though that never happened. ):

This picture would eventually use the 'blend-in-with-faction-using-armor' idea in New Vegas. Me, Emil, and another dude who's name slipped past my name drew this one.

The Ranger Vault Boy was done by Alice and Elinor, the two single greatest Vault Boy artists ever.
The behemoth was done by a two dudes at Bethesda, Wanderer by Emile.

 VATS pre-drawing, anyone?

This superb "feet-by"feet comparison was done by everybody at TF141 Media. They each had a different drawing.

This one was entirely by me. Well, sans the target. That one was Emil.

 The pistol was Evan, the hunting rifle was somebody at Bethesda, the shotgun was by Nick, and the 10mm SMG was by... I think it was Finn.
 The lead weapon designer at Bethesda, the best weapon designer ever.
 I did the plasma rifle, Elinor did the laser rifle, and either Derek or Jamie did the Mesmetron (one of the best weapons ever). Me and Scott wanted to do a Tesla Cannon, but they said no.
The end of a hilarious book.

Well, that was the single most random fourty-one pages I've ever read. (Well, I'm leaving out some other pages that were either just notes and black pictures of Vault Boy by Darrin and Pierce, sorry guys)

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