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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Vault - Entry 9 - Other Fallout Online Updates

Alright, here goes: The fight against Interplay and Bethesda is still going. Then again that's not a surprise. With constant lawsuits against "Project V13" (well, that was its original name back in production).

The beta's been sealed. Whether or not the final project will be finished by Bethesda, the long-playing demo we're planning on will be worked on by us, the Post-Nuclear music studio, and Masthead. No matter what, though, we'll continue fighting until the end for Bethesda.

Next up, there's going to be an entirely different music score for this game. So far, we've already gotten a few melodies in with it, along with a theme composition and menu song.

Here's the thing: Masthead and Post-Nuclear hired completely new guys. They're going to help us on the producing of the Online beta, and, hopefully, the Bethesda-touched final project. We had to help them on their conquests, show them some the basic in-n-outs of the beta. So they'll be praised for everything that goes right, and yelled at for everything that goes wrong. Simple as that. We were able to ship some weapon and armor designs overseas (which I'll update in a later post), as well as some new animation design.

For those that played Fallout 3, you're probably used to the entire game being a desolate, decrepit, and irradiated wasteland, right? Well, Interplay's planning COMPLETELY new locations besides the usual sand, rocks, and sun. Here's some ideas we're planning: (and I'll give out some leaked images, but don't tell ANYONE)

- Snow City. Taking a twist on the BARREN wasteland full of DIRT, Snow City is a frozen tundra. It's a really good chance to from allies with one another, take on the packs of (most likely) cannibalistic raiders.
- The Cage: This one takes a shot at Fallout 3's downloadable content: The Pit. It's one of the largest maps we're planning. It's a massive arena, built entirely around a former city ('till the bombs handled the city themselves, that is), and you even have the choice, as numerous, endless side quests, to take on challenges in the arena, alone or with a party.
- Lost at Sea: Talk about a sunken ship! Here, you're lost in uncharted territory (big surprise THERE), as you fight amongst people on the ship! Cool, right? Eh, it looks better on paper.

There's going to be a behind-the-scenes look at the production of Online coming sometime in mid-April, maybe late, airing on Mars UK as a half-hour special. Including will be special documentary footage, a commentary while showing off 1-2 minute snippets, talk to TF141 Media and Masthead about the making of, news on Bethesda vs. Masthead, and an image gallery.

Oh, and we're giving out signed copies of beta disks for those who want it. Europe and Japan only, right now.

As I said, updated images later.

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