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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Vault - Entry 10 - Interview on the TCAF Forums, Big Shock

Finn Smith and I got invited to an interview on the TCAF (The Chat about Fallout) forums' chatroom section. One question, and then the answer, would shock the entire now-defunct website. (If I could just get the damn link to work, I could show the entire, unedited chat script (which is large and sloppy, many thanks to Alice Thompson for clearing up the unwanted parts).

The participants:

- Alec Martin (TF141Soldier)
- Finn Smith (TF141Joystick)
- Alan Sean (The Main Interviewer, Sean58)
- JoHn Henry EdEn
- outcast3
- Capitolwandererz
- rivetcitymp3

Other Thanks:
- Elinor Bass (TF141Enclave)
- Alice Thompson (TF141Oasis)
- Nick Vancen (TF141Paradise - Moderator, extra thanks)

Sean58: Alright, am I in? [Various welcomes]
Capitolwanderez: Alright, who will start?

Sean58: So how is Fallout Online coming along?
TF141Soldier: Well, we're getting closer every day. I'd like to thank Masthead for their attempts. Unfortunately, Bethesda lost at the Maryland Court.
Capitolwanderez: Man. Does that mean the game will continue?
TF141Joystick: It will. But here's the thing: We're sure that Interplay's going to go back to the old Fallout 1, 2, Tactics, and Brotherhood of Steel third-person gameplay. And we do prefer the new version, but we really don't mind.
TF141Soldier: Exactly. Our problem is that it will be an MMO.
rivetcitymp3: Fallout was meant to be a role-playing game, not a shitty ass MMO.
Sean58: Good observations, indeed. When did Bethesda lose the case?
JoHn Henry EdEn: World of Warcraft is probably the single shittiest game ever created.

TF141Soldier: On December 9th of 2009. That's kind of a shame, really. We've been through with Bethesda for so long. They've helped us know what it takes to make it in the game industry, and Fallout Online is IMPORTANT, because you learn how retarded the game industry can be. It's nothing short of amazing. Bethesda knows what they're doing. Fallout has become THEIR baby, not Interplay's, not Black Isle's, not anybody's. Just them. (THIS WAS THE COMMENT. - ALEC)
Capitolwanderez: Whoa. Amazing description, there, Alec.
TF141Soldier: Thanks.
Capitolwanderez: Let me ask a question: do you think that Interplay IS going to fuck up the whole experience?
TF141Joystick: We have respect for Interplay, but, unfortunately, they're not going to be the same as they were nearly 15 years ago.
TF141Joystick: I'm willing to bet they chose an MMO just to see how many player hours would be put into the game like the excuse to humanity that is World of Warcraft. (Thank you, Finn! - Emile Christ)
Sean58: How many countries is Fallout Online going to be released in?
TF141Joystick: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, Spain, The Philippines, New Zealand, France, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.
Capitolwanderez: Wait... is that how many subtitles are included?
outcast3: Isn't it also in The Netherlands?

TF141Soldier: No, I'm sure they will be exclusive to the countries.
Sean58: What's your opinions on the whole idea to create a multiplayer feel and experience to the Wasteland?
JoHn Henry EdEn: I'm pretty sure it won't be great. Playing alone in Fallout was better.
outcast3: Yeah, say it!
TF141Soldier: Well, I sorta share JHE's opinion. Watching how this whole damned project has fallen apart, I think the large amount of players just might infect the entire gaming experience, but, on the other hand, it's inventive giving something completely brand new to the series.
JoHn Henry EdEn: Speaking of multiplayer, can you form alliances with one another to help take on quests?
rivetcitymp3: Oh, that would be awesome!
TF141Joystick: Co-op in Fallout? Sounds awesome, actually.
TF141Soldier: My thoughts exactly. Instead of a massive multiplayer world full of idiots who do nothing but hack and mod, just play along with one another.
TF141Joystick: I've actually wanted a mulitplayer experience ever since the production of New Vegas.
Sean58: I take it that idea didn't go so well?
rivetcitymp3: Don't think so. LOL
rivetcitymp3: Are there going to be vehicles?
Sean58: That would be pretty interesting. Driving around in an armored jeep in the Wasteland.
Capitolwanderez: doing nothing but runnin' over Raiders. Hell yeah!
TF141Joystick: I think Alec might have covered this already, but, yes, vehicles will also be a new addition. At least, we're hoping it will.
Sean58: What about downloadable packs? Or, expansions?
outcast3: What, make an otherwise questionable experience worse?
Wanna bet that you can take down that guard with a friend in Online? Doubt it.

TF141Soldier: Hmm... I hope not. Like Outcast said, we wanted Fallout Online to be an epic, to be the next Fallout 3. After Bethesda lost the case, Masthead and Interplay are taking over. We need to have a better experience for every Fallout fan out there.
TF141Joystick: Exactly. Not only is the idea for an MMO an insult to the Fallout series, it's only going to attract 'n00bs' or 'griefers', as they so call it. And eventually, there's going to be an experience that 90% of is hacked, modded, or insultingly annoying.
Capitolwanderez: Seems that piracy will soon overtake Online.
Sean58: My thoughts exactly.
TF141Soldier: Piracy? Don't get me started.
JoHn Henry EdEn: I'm pretty sure some people are already happily playing the Online beta on their ever-loved couch right now.
outcast3: Speaking of which, when's the beta coming out?
TF141Soldier: The currect legal status of the Bethesda vs. Interplay IS still pending, but Interplay's winning. We're betting by the middle or closer to the end of this year.
Captiolwanderez: You know, how long DO we have to wait? This isn't an insult to Bethesda at all, but if you want a game done, to set ambitions and expectations like none other, why not just... you know, throw in the towel?
TF141Joystick: Interesting criticism you gave there. We're not exactly sure, it appears that whatever Bethesda tries, it continues to backfire on them.
Sean58: What will the Interactive Game Group have to do with the final project?
rivetcitymp3: Why's that a question? So far, it's only Interplay, TF141 Media, and Masthead involved in the project.
TF141Soldier: They gave about $2,000,000 in stock, hoping for a contract.
JoHn Henry EdEn: But Masthead took their place.
Sean58: Precisely.
TF141Joystick: Hm-mmm.
Sean58: I thought Bethesda already purchased rights to Project V13. That makes Interplay guilty, doesn't it?
TF141Soldier: By all means. They stole it away from them.
TF141Joystick: We're one of the sister companies of the network, so we're going to have to go with whatever comes our way, whatever rumor is spread around.
rivetcitymp3: Is there anybody that quit the project already?
Capitolwanderez: Pretty sure the president won't be happy 'bout this.
TF141Joystick: Jason Anderson. Worked on the project for a sturdy two years before quitting. We'll miss ya, dude.
JoHn Henry EdEn: Shame, I thought Interplay had already lost the rights before Bethesda seemingly lost the case.

Capitolwanderez: Ah. Good observation.
TF141Soldier: Of course. For some reason, I don't think some companies know when to stop. We do have respect for Interplay, but there's too much attention being thrown around. On the upside, though, since the case is pending, Bethesda had time to work on Fallout 4 and New Vegas.
Sean58: But it would of been nice to see Bethesda's fingerprints on the project.
TF141Joystick: Couldn't agree with you more, Alan.
Sean58: Well, that's it. Thanks for sharing the ammo.
TF141Soldier: No problem.
[various goodbyes from the members]

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