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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Underground Gamers: Criticizing of New Vegas

The excellent now-defunct website, The Underground Gamers (note: I hear they're going to start a new wordpress), have given an interesting criticism of Fallout: New Vegas and its faction / reputation system. This is quite a good observation: a lot of fans were divided by said reputation system, written by the supervising writer, Caesar Leon..

"And now this brings me to New Vegas's rep system. First of all, this is completely ridiculous. It forces you to replay repetitive parts of the game mindlessly until you finally go through the achievements. And the ways you can get vilified by them are ridiculous. You want a good reputation with the Boomers? You go out and, by accident, kill one of their guys. Fast travel to their base, everybody wants your head on a platter. If you steal a broken, empty whiskey bottle that has red text instead of green or blue text over it, everybody wants to slit your throat. Factions can make you suffer for no apparent reason. Why Obsidian and Bethesda did this decision is beyond me. The faction ideas? Great. Reputation? Horrible. The karma system between good, neutral, and evil was epic enough in Fallout 3, but now pointless ideas between numerous opposing teams and private military companies just adds to the stupidity.

Of course it's too late to change that now.

And the idea of having to disguise yourself to gain entry is ridiculous. Say you disguise yourself as a part of the NCR, complete a difficult mission on low ammunition and stimpacks, and exhaustively return to The Fort, you forget to take off your armor disguise. The second you get there, everybody begins opening fire. At times this was so frustrating, I think I had an internal aneurysm."

Surprisingly, you can agree on many standpoints on what he says. I personally got frustrated by how stupid the AI could be at not recognizing you when you travel back, or the number of ways you could become vilified by another community.

On an alternative perspective, Dwight Wilson of MMO Crosswords wrote a controversial piece that raged the entire gaming community, gave him a negative reputation, saying that the reputation system is the only thing that ever helped the game:

"And yet, the only Obsidian actually managed to help get right in the abysmal piece of junk that is Fallout: New Vegas is the reputation system. If I hate one faction, I just shoot a member and they scowl at me every time I pass. Yeah, great idea, but at least another series of communities enjoy my decisions!"

This part, however, is what made everybody so angry.

"And everybody Obsidian and Bethesda ever hired are complete dicks. They promise us another game, that's even better than the last, then the idiots at Bethesda hire people who's job is supposed to work on the game, but they're too busy fucking the system until it lags like a bitch. Everybody at Bethesda is dull and don't have one clue about how to make a game. At all!"

Not only is Wilson taking a dig at someone he's ALREADY RANTED ABOUT, he's rude, ignorant, and a COMPLETE FUCKING JERK. What the hell is wrong with him? He takes stabs at intelligent, decent people who clearly have experience. And even if they don't have experience, so what? That's like saying: "Oh, Halo's awesome, but if they weren't such morons it would be better!" It's a completely unexpected, rude, and stupid argument. Christ, he just rants on.

 Found this thanks to Alley of Infinite Angles, many thanks to the Alley.

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