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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Vault - Entry 11 Pt. 2 - The PAL Gamerz Event: Fan Section

This part of the interview was right before the end. Here we just answered some fan questions, the first batch of questions from the United States, second half from the United Kingdom, and the last half all from Asia (including Singapore, can you believe it?).

There is still a fan section on various magazines. If you live in Europe, Asia, or Canada, you can find their website and take a look at what's up next. They're planning to import their issues into the US, but they're still posting in Europe and Asia only. (Though this issue was worldwide questions) But you'll have to know Japanese in order to send it to the overseas HQ. (Or, you can find an online translator, or just ask me!)


From Pittsburgh: Why is Fallout so violent? I know that M for Mature games aren't for the kiddies, but what's up with pistol shots that can blow off necks and leave blood trails?

"Interesting question you got there. We think that Bethesda actually wanted to step outside the boundaries this time. In all honesty, they wanted to prove that not every game is entirely for children, so they amped up the "mature" rating to "bloody and gore-filled". Believe me, try the Bloody Mess perk and you'll be seeing red for a week." - Alice Thompson

From New Orleans: Where and when will Fallout New Vegas be released?

"Depends. The release date in set on October 19th of 2010, but WHERE besides the US is anybody's game. There's always going to be a PAL and SECAM version. Most of Europe, like the UK and Italy, most of Oceania, like Australia and the Philippines, and Brazil in South America, will get the PAL, while most of Asia, like Japan and Russia, and most of Africa, will get the SECAM. So about over 20 countries, we're betting." - Alec Martin (me)

From Wyoming (We couldn't get a city): How will dialogue work? Is Karma affected still?

"Yes, but karma doesn't matter in New Vegas. It's your reputation with a city or faction. You can be completely evil and only one city hates you, if you kill THEIR citizens, while everybody else likes you if you just play by their rules and don't kill them. Factions are a little different. If you have a really good rep with one, another one out there will be bound to dislike you. There's rarely a neutral situation when it comes to factions. But if you're asking, yes, it will. Just not as much as it is in Fallout." - Roland King

From Jacksonville: It's been about thirteen years since Fallout 1 hit stores, right? What do you all think has improved since then? (This was the question of the month in the mag's special)

"Astounding question, Jackson. Well, certainly, the expansiveness. Fallout has gone from a somewhat restricted, squeezed game to a massive, entertaining exploration game that counts on survival and hope that nobody will slit your throat. Your decisions actually matter, unlike in other games that don't give a damn what you do. Fallout is a big, thought-provoking game that does more than just make you get hooked into the fact that you have to shoot to kill. Also, I think that the addition of VATS is cool." - Darrin Garcia

From Glasgow: Say, what's deal about VATS? Is it made to think about realism about how much of a chance to actually hit limbs, or is it just a cheap game addition to make the enemy freeze so it can be easier for the player to get a clean shot at his face?

"Oh man. We're actually not sure. VATS is supposed to represent strategy, how much time you have to think, with your AP (Action Points) and the amount of ammo you have, not to mention the chance to have to hit. Other than that, the latter question may be it. It's all how you believe it." - Elinor Bass

From Madrid (translated): When will Fallout Online ever be finished?

"Sorry, Joaquin, but the best answer we can give you is that, day by day, we're getting closer to the grand finale. We're expecting around 2012." - Finn Smith

From Oslo: During the years you worked with Bethesda, what is the difference of working with Interplay on Fallout Online rather than Bethesda and Obsidian?

"Well, it's an MMO, fellow Fallout gamer. We have no idea (and no care) as to how those operate. We're used to incorporated RPG elements into Fallout. Fallout was Black Isle's baby, but as of right now, it's supposed to be BETHESDA who's helping take care of it all. Granted, the fact that they seemingly lost in the Maryland District Court helped them finish up New Vegas, which is another great game, but Interplay seems to have forgotten what they did in Fallout 1 and 2 eleven-twelve years ago that made the series so good. It's just not the same anymore. Masthead seems nice enough, though." - Nick McCarthy

From Russia: What about NPCs (or followers)? Are they still as stupidly loyal as they were in Fallout 3. Better yet, are they even going to return in New Vegas?

"Yes. We've added some new companions, though they still feel a little similar, if you want to know. Under the permission of Obsidian, I may give you a few. There's a companion similar to Dogmeat, called Rex. He has to be obtained by not defending him against raiders like in the last game, but instead you have to complete a quest to earn his trust. A ghoul gunman from Black Mountain is another person you may obtain, and a super mutant, similar to Fawkes in the last game, is a member of The Followers Of The Apocalypse found at the Old Mormon Fort. That's all I'll give you, so be lucky." - Gregg Cross

From Singapore (translated): Will whole towns still go nuts if you steal stuff in New Vegas?

"One time, I stole a broken whiskey bottle. The whole fucking town attacked me." - Vincent Blake

From Japan (translated): I heard there's going to be gambling in New Vegas. Is there really? I'm so psyched to pick up this game!

"Yep. You can play Roulette, Blackjack, and Slots as examples. Look it up if you don't know, or if you want some tips on it if you don't wanna lose caps." - Derek Carter

From New Zealand: What are all the factions in New Vegas? (This is the slightly edited version)

"Caesar's Legion, who are expanded further east and follow Roman culture. The New California Republic, who is basically the protectors of the land like the Brotherhood was in Fallout 3. Those are the two major good-and-bad guy factions. The Boomers, Brotherhood of Steel, and Enclave are the three minor factions that you can team up with (or be enemies against), and the White Glove Society is another." - Emile Christ


MANY thanks to the writers / editors / publishers at PAL Gamerz: austriagamingdude, Radiosoldierboy, G9Halo, kilLemall1, crackaddict4u, garageofshooters, attila, nobel six, and extra thanks to RetributionMixer2 for making this possible.

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